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    Barind Medical College

  • Brief Information of Barind Medical College & Hospital
    Established in 2011. Located at Rajshahi, the tutorial city of Bangladesh 252 km north-west of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, time period from Dhaka by Air- 35 minutes, Road- 4 hours half-hour, Rail- 5 hours half-hour. Total Campus is 3 acres (approx.) with Academic & Hospital floor space 1,70,000 sq.ft. (approx.).

    Course offered :
    MBBS Course duration is 5 years in four-phase and compulsory one-year Internship.

    Barind Medical College & Hospital

    Barind Medical College & Hospital

    Diploma in Nursing Sciences & Midwifery course, Course duration 3 years.
    BSc in Nursing Course (Basic), Course Duration 4 Years.
    Post Basic BSc in Nursing Course, Course duration 2 years.
    Approved by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
    Affiliated by Rajshahi University
    Accredited by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC)
    Enlisted in the World Directory of the school of medicine, the World Federation for Medical Education (WPME) & the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), formerly by the World Health Organization.
    No. of scholars enrolled in each year:100 (hundred)
    A total number of students: 607 including 159 (One Hundred Fifty-Nine) foreign students.
    Total Numbers of Faculty members: 112, among them Professors 21, professor 10 and professor 12, Lecturer 59.
    Teacher Student ratio is 1:6.2
    Barind Medical College publishes a journal biannually named Barind Medical College Journal (BMJ).

    Barind Medical College & Hospital. How to Apply MBBS Admission in Bangladesh | Authorized Fortune Education: +8801995529533 strives to be the center of educational excellence, Providing medical education and training of the very best standard at graduation level and be a pacesetter in care, research and innovation within the field of medical sciences and technology within Bangladesh and abroad.
    To create facilities which is conductive to realize academic services and research excellence in medical sciences.
    To consolidated and improve training and development of quality human resources within the field of medical sciences especially.
    to satisfy the wants of the state .
    to supply exemplary services in medical aid .
    to accumulate and supply technology transfer.
    To be a reference centre for the services and consultancy, health and manpower training.
    to supply cost effective modern healthcare services at the deprived zone, Rajshahi to serve the humanity.
    To create opportunity for doctors and therefore the other professionals work on the very best level of educational environment.
    Why BMC
    Beautiful Campus
    The campus of Barind Medical College & Hospital is extended over a neighborhood of three acres (approx.) of land situated within the beautiful, calm and quiet, and well communicated location of Rajshahi city. Three multi-storied buildings, two for tutorial and one for the hospital have already constructed with 1,70,000 square feet of floor space with all educational facilities.
    High Quality Education
    Faculty is enriched with highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers with academic, clinical and research expertise.
    Exposure to Patients
    Students are exposing to patients in indoor, outdoor, and emergency departments as a neighborhood of their regular clinical teaching and learning process. Besides the scholars are placed for one month in UHC (Upazilla Health Complex) as a neighborhood of the curriculum. this enables students a chance to practice communication, interviewing, and data gathering skills, also as Clinical examination and patient assessment techniques in rural and concrete populations.
    Affordable Tuition-Fees
    Tuition Fees of MBBS course both Bangladeshi also as foreign students are less than the other Medical colleges within the country and abroad.
    Every student from the primary year are assigned to a specific teacher for mentoring. The mentor monitors the chosen student up to final year and help him/her to beat the tutorial or others problems even some extent of private also.
    Multicultural Environment
    Near about 50% of the scholars in BMC are foreigners from different parts of India, like West Bengal, Asam, Kasmir, Rajsthan, Dhilhi, and Nepal. So Admission in BMC facilitates the opportunity to show the scholars in multiple cultural environments which enriches their knowledge and knowledge .
    Administrative Structure
    Efficient administration of BMC is capable of solving problems quickly and effectively. The Board of Directors, administration , Academic Council, Disciplinary Committee and Departmental Heads lookout of administrative and academic affairs. the highest administrative team of BMC consists of some exceptionally talented personalities.
    Excellent Accommodation
    BMC has excellent hostel facilities for females and foreign students. BMC hostels offer clean, safe and furnished accommodation for Its students. The hostels are located adjacent to the school campus within walking distance supervised by a hostel superintendent.
    Provision of Foreign Student Co-ordinator
    BMC features a separate office and foreign student coordinator to supply essential services as adequately to the longer term and present foreign students. Major services are: make available sufficient information regarding admission process; to supply pre-arrival information; reception of each new student by BMC official representative at the primary entry point (Airport/land immiation check post) in Bangladesh and supply all kinds of supports to settle in BMC campus specially regarding accommodation, orientation and Immigration formalities. Foreign students office always able to provide all kinds of services needed by the foreign students as and when required.
    1. PermanentCampus:
    Academic activities and students enrollment have already got a momentum in BMC. The permanent campus of Barind Medical College & Hospital is extended over a neighborhood of two .2089 Acres of land situated within the prestigious location of Rajshahi city having 137050 square feet of floor space and 10 storied of building adjacent to the hospital building as per the plan . Academic building will have adequate facilities to show the scholars with its spacious lecture halls, well-equipped laboratories, sufficient number of educational room for little groups, discussion room and a well-built dissection hall, resourceful library with computer & internet facilities, students’ living room and cafeteria.
    2. Quality Education:
    Barind Medical College & Hospital. How to Apply for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh | Authorized Fortune Education: +8801995529533 has opened a replacement horizon within the domain of education in Rajshahi. this school has been established with a view to providing quality education and research opportunities to teachers also as students. Being an establishment equipped with enough facilities and intended to be the simplest one among its kind, BMC aims at excellence, integrity, transparency, and accountability. Towards attaining its mission of excellence in the least levels the school has taken all possible measures to stay its promises.
    In this age of globalization since a university is best known for the cultivation of data and research activities, BMC has decided to form the research work obligatory for both the teachers and students alike. Seminars and workshops are integral to school curriculum. We arrange them on weekly and regular basis and therefore the participants include students, teachers and sometimes eminent scholars from both home and abroad.
    3. Qualified Academicians:
    Our faculty members are highly qualified with brilliant academic backgrounds. Many have vast experiences in teaching and research. an impressive top academician’s team of national and international standard is in commission of ensuring absolutely the transparency and accountability of teachers’ recruitment process in BMC. Quality education facilitated by qualified teachers is our promise.
    4. Academic Diversity:
    Being an establishment equipped with enough facilities and intended to be the simplest one among its kind, BMC aims at excellence, integrity, transparency and accountability. it’s been successfully running MBBS Course. The essence of the school is academic diversity. to satisfy the fashionable diversity and therefore the global demand the school is ardent to extend the amount of departments to supply brilliant, skilled, and technologically trained manpower. Ours may be a knowledge based society, and that we hope to equip our students with knowledge and skills to face global challenges and become world leaders of innovation in several fronts of practical life.
    5. Efficient Administration:
    Efficient administration of BMC is capable of solving problems quickly and effectively. The board of Directors, Academic Council and Departmental Heads lookout of administrative and academic affairs. the highest administrative team of BMC consists of some exceptionally gifted personalities with national and international recognition.
    6. ICT Facilities:
    BMC is that the first completely digital medical college in Rajshahi, Bangladesh for technology-based education and operation with such facilities as computer labs, Hospital ERP and WIFI on campus.
    Wi-Fi covered Campus:
    BMC may be a university with Wi-Fi coverage. Faculty members also as students enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity inside the campuses to be connected with internet at a wink.
    7. Lab facilities:
    The laboratories of BMC are considered because the country’s best. There are well equipped labs and. their own specialized laboratories for practical altogether departments.
    8. Admission and Examination:
    BMC aims at excellence, integrity, transparency, and accountability. Admission is taken during a transparent way and consistent with the principles of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Examinations also are conducted during a strict fashion.
    9. Library:
    BMC library is rich with printed books, e-books, and journals. BMC takes pride for creating a serene atmosphere for acquiring knowledge for college kids , who build their academic carrier and develop themselves for spreading the sunshine of data in life science . It offers good facilities of reading.BMC working rapidly to complement its library purchasing an honest number of books every semester.
    10. Scholarship facilities:
    There are huge waiver benefits for financially needy students and scholarship facilities for meritorious students.
    11. Email Facility:
    Every academician and employee has a private email ID in College domain for better correspondence.
    12. Competitive tuition fees:
    Though quality of education is high, the schooling fees of BMC are comparatively less among the private Medical College in Bangladesh.
    13. Co-curricular activities
    Yearly Sports Program, Cultural Program
    14. Comfortable Classroom & Labs:
    Classrooms are neat and clean, air-conditioned, with comfortable seating arrangements. All the rooms carry multimedia projectors and proper ventilation & lights. Labs are well facilitated.
    15. Discipline:
    BMC features a completely disciplined educational environment. it’s free from Politics, Smoking, drugs, Copying, Eve Teasing, and other subversive acts and ethics.
    16. Sports:
    BMC family is basically proud and enthusiastic of arranging different sport programs. It organized BMC Students Week 2015 to form its student physically fit and mentally sound.
    17. Events: ETC
    Parents Day:
    For the betterment of the scholars , BMC communicates with the Guardians and informs them about their students, if needed.
    18. Special counseling for weaker students:
    If it’s identified that few students aren’t getting marks up to satisfactory level, BMC faculty members support them, especially to enhance their performance giving them extra counseling hours.
    19. Religious Events:
    BMC observes all religious programs and arranges various religious events (iftar party, Miladunnabi, Sarwaswati puja, X-mass, for example) within the campus. It develops a brotherhood among the scholars and teachers within the campus and out of doors the campus also .
    20. One stop services:
    To solve the issues of scholars and to form a friendly educational environment in campus BMC started one stop services where every student can get the answer of multiple problems from one booth.

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