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Jahurul Islam Medical College, the Hospital, and the Nursing Training Institute have been established under the Aftab–Rahima Welfare Trust as a conglomerate offering medical education & research, hospital care as well as training in nursing services. The complex is situated in Bhagalpur village of Bajitpur thana of the Kishoregonj district. The great philanthropist of this area Late Mr. Jahurul Islam is the founder of these organizations in his native land.

Bhagalpur – Bajitpur is about 110 km north-east of Dhaka city. It is connected by the Egaro Shindur Express train and has an excellent road connection with the Capital. In either way, Bhagalpur can be reached within three hours only.

In the first phase in 1989, a 250-bed hospital was put into service. It is equipped with the most modern instruments and facilities, offering round the clock services including emergencies, for indoor as well as outdoor patients. At present, there are more than 500 beds covering all the departments of a general tertiary level teaching hospital. In its final and ultimate phase of completion, the Hospital will have more beds and specialized departments to provide management and services of all aspects of medical, surgical, or emergency requirements.



Every year male & female students including 40% of foreign students are admitted into first-year MBBS class. The session usually commences from January each year.


Admission (Local Students)

Guideline for admission of local students usually given by the Ministry of Health each year. Announcement for admission appears in the National Daily News Papers usually in the month of October (Approx.), seeking application from the interested students.


Eligibility for Local Students to Apply for Admission into 1st Year: Candidates should have a minimum GPA of 9.00 combinedly in SSC and HSC (separately minimum 3.5 in each) Examination or equivalent and have GPA=3.50 in Biology. Students with a break of study of more than one year are not eligible to apply. 


Admission Procedure for Local Students

Announcement for admission usually published in the daily newspaper in the month of October each year after admission to Govt. Medical Colleges. Eligible interested candidates are to collect and submit duly filled in application forms within the notified date along with other necessary documents and collect admit card for the admission test.


Admission Test :
This year admission test is arranged by DGHS under the ministry of health. Candidates are selected for admission on the basis of merit and notified in the national daily newspapers. The last date of admission is usually given for the selected candidates after which candidates from the waiting list are called if seats remain vacant.


Medical checkup:
A Medical checkup is done for each selected candidate before admission. Students having gross physical, mental or refractory disorders may not be admitted as per the decision of the medical board.

Admission for Foreign Students

Applications from foreign students are received by the 1st / 2nd week of August each year for admission in first-year MBBS Class which usually starts from January next year. 


Eligibility for Foreign Students:
Foreign students seeking admission in first-year MBBS Class must have more than 70% marks / GPA 8.00 in SSC and HSC or equivalent Examinations (O and A level) combinedly. A student must have Biology in HSC (class XII / A level). Students with a break of study of more than one year are not eligible to apply.
Admission Procedure for Foreign Students

Eligible foreign students should apply in the prescribed Application Form for Foreign Students and send it to the address given below by post within 15th August (or as notified by the college authority) directly or through any consultancy. For confirmation of admission, all candidates must apply through the Embassy of Bangladesh in their respective countries within the announced date to obtain eligibility (Equivalence) Certificate from the Director, Medical Education, Directorate of Health Services (DGHS), Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This equivalence certificate must be produced to college authority for confirmation of admission before class starts.

The following documents are required to be sent to college along with the application form:

1. Photocopy of SSC & HSC (or equivalent examinations) Mark sheets attested by the ministry of foreign affairs of the respective countries of the applicants.
2. Photocopy of SSC & HSC (or equivalent examinations) Certificates attested by the ministry of foreign affairs of the respective countries of the applicants.
3. Three (3) recent passport size attested Colour photographs.



Fees are divided into two categories Fees for Local students and Fees for Foreign Students.

Fees for Local Students

Session: 2021-2022
1 Admission Fee (One Time) 1,00,000/-
2 Fund for maintenance & depreciation of machinery & equipment for College (One Time) 1,00,000/-
3 Fund for maintenance & depreciation of machinery & equipment for Hospital (One Time) 2,00,000/-
4 AFTAB RAHIMA welfare Trust Fund (One Time) 3,00,000/-
5 Laboratory Establishment & maintenance for College (One Time) 1,00,000/-
6 Hospital Training Fee / Internship (One Time) 1,80,000/-


1 Laboratory Charge for Consumable (Per Year) 35,000/-
2 Library Charge (Per Year) 30,000/-
3 ICT Facilities Charge (Per Year) 10,000/-
4 Student utility service for College  (Per Year) 10,000/-
5 Other facilities charge for College (Per Year) 40,000/-
Payable at the time of Admission 11,05,000/-


1 1st & 2nd year (Per Month, Payable Quarterly) 8,000/-
2 3rd to 5th year (Per Month, Payable Quarterly) 8,000/-


1 Hostel seat rent (Per Month, Payable Quarterly) 1,000/-
2 Student utility service for Hostel (Per Month, Payable Quarterly) 300/-
3 Other facilities charge for Hostel  (Per Month, Payable Quarterly) 350/-
4 Meal Charge, Per Month 2000/-

NB: There is an arrangement for food in the hostel mess & students have to pay meal charges separately each month which may change depending on the cost of the food items.


Fees For Foreign Students


SESSION: 2021-2022 (BATCH: J-28)

A. ADMISSION FEES: Session: 2020-2021 
Admission Fee (one time) USD= 8,000.00
Other Charges (one time) USD= 2,000.00
Fund for Aftab Rahima Welfare Trust (one time) USD= 1,000.00
Session Fees (Per year) USD= 700.00
First-Year Tuition Fee USD= 4,000.00
Seat Rent USD= 500.00
Payable at the time of admission USD= 16,200.00

N.B: Students will have to pay Govt. Fee US$ = 1,000/- & Dhaka University Registration Fee US$ = 1,000/- separately at the time of admission.


B. YEARLY CHARGES (2ND YEAR – 5TH YEAR) Session: 2020-2021 
2nd year (Tuition Fees, Session Charge, Seat Rent) USD= 5,200.00
3rd year (Tuition Fees, Session Charge, Seat Rent) USD= 5,200.00
4th year (Tuition Fees, Session Charge, Seat Rent) USD= 5,200.00
5th year (Tuition Fees, Session Charge, Seat Rent) USD= 5,200.00
Total from 2nd year to 5th year USD= 20,800.00
Grand Total USD= 37,000.00

N.B: Yearly Charges (Tuition Fees, Session Charge and Seat Rent) from 2nd year to 5th year are to be paid once each year January without installment.



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